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About Us


About Us

Do you seek financial freedom and need the best help you can get? Are you interested in building sustainable wealth for you and your family? Do you want to join an active global community of minorities involved in economic development? If yes, Conscientious Capital Insights is the right place for you. Welcome!

Who Are We

Conscientious Capital Insights is a top 100% minority-owned investment education company. We are passionate about engineering social change through economic advocacy, minority empowerment, and trade signal service.

Our company is specifically for minorities as we are putting in all efforts to uphold equality and fairness in a world that seems unfair to people of the minority group. We are strengthening this set of people with financial literacy and economic empowerment while using group economics model to build our own. We want to assist those who are interested in taking ownership in group economic success.

At Conscientious Capital Insights, we are building a network across the world that is into investments and redirection of funds and resources into ventures that empower people across the USA, the Caribbean Islands, and the African Diasporas.

Our Services

Our services include providing an affiliate income system. We offer business opportunities that focus on financial empowerment and giving global opportunities to minorities. Our educational platform offers easy trading strategies, including copy-trading, to build a community of exceptional and successful traders.

Our company places high value on all our Home Business Owners (HBO) as we are passionate about creating a space that encourages entrepreneurship among minorities. We strive to ensure our services are highly beneficial to all our supporters, members, and affiliates. Our members benefit from the best signal service and our affiliates benefit from a powerful, passive, recurring monthly commission.

Our Team

Our company is channelled towards success and sustainability by a powerful team of traders with an accumulated 90 years’ experience. Our team features the best brains to help you towards financial literacy and liberation. We pride ourselves on operating professional and productive services appreciated by all our empowered members.

Vision Statement

Our company’s vision is to be globally renowned as the number one minority empowerment company passionate about economic advocacy, financial growth, and social change. We strive to have a positive global impact on minority communities across the world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people, especially minorities, attain financial freedom. We are committed to creating more minority entrepreneurs and contributing to both personal and economic development.